Citibank was looking for a online performance marketing partner in order to increase the number of leads for it’s credit card and personal loan products. The main challenge for the credit card acquisition campaign is to drive users to the lead page who have already own a credit card and are not yet a Citibank customer. Future X Media had to come up with a sophisticated campaign setup which would reduce the waste they have through other channels where this type of user data is hard to find.


OLX asked for a CPI campaign which would not only help them increase installs but also increase consumer ad postings on the app. A conversion was only recorded when a user installs the app, opens the app for the first time and posts an ad on the app. The time window to record the posting was maximum 7 days after app installation.

The main challenge was to identify the audience who would be inclined towards selling their stuff online and earning good value for it. Specific app list and site lists needed to be defined to reach out to these audiences who would be interested to sell different category of products on the OLX app. Also, further down, track the lifetime value of the user via post install events like Tap Call, Tap SMS, etc.


We used our entire inventory on WAP and In-App in combination with contextual filters and audience data in order to target the ads towards the right audience and therefore generate high- quality installs. The campaign was created, run and opti- mized towards achieving successful ad postings and app installs via Future X Media DSP (Demand Side Platform).
Further, we also applied Remarketing solutions to users who have installed the app but not done any post install event using the Device Ids of those specific users. This helped in increasing the conversion rate significantly.

Campaign Summary_

PAN India
High Volume Installs with maintenance of Posting rate above 10%.
– Awareness using Contextual  and Audience Targeting
– Remarketing using Device  IDs
Ad formats:
Standard IAB creatives for Mobile
Programmatic Platforms for


999 %
Posting Rate
Tap To Call
App Open
Tap To SMS

Ad Creatives_


About Real-Time Bidding_

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) is an auction process for buying and selling individual ad impressions, within 100 milliseconds. Future X Media places advertisers’ bids for these impressions based on targeting parameters, providing a programmatic buying system to optimize ad spend.

Via RTB, advertisers eliminate wasted ad spend, and only bid for and buy impressions that match your targeting criteria – with absolute full transparency. You can gain profit by getting cheaper advertising placements than traditional media buying will ever do. We start with broad targeting and only focus on those critical spots that benefit your business best!