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MEME Marketing – The new way of Marketing

Brands often have this question in mind, how to go viral on Social Media. Do you have this question too? Dive right into the article to find out!!
Memes are the new way of connecting with the target audience and engaging them on your social media.
Meme marketing is just getting started. With brands intending to create memes for further reach, their users are sharing the posts, which is a great way to build relationships
Every brand is adhering to viral marketing these days. Few succeed & rest don’t
So what is it that the successful meme marketers do differently
Is there a recipe to go viral? Well, maybe yes🤷‍♀️
Memes are a good way to spread some laughs. We all love it and share it too. Because somewhere we all can relate to it.
Memes gain high engagement rates & it is the most shareable form of content ever!!
Want to know how to ace the meme marketing game

Here are a few tips on meme marketing strategy to inculcate in your social media content strategy.

1. Know your audience

Knowing your audience is the very first step of the process. Which set of people is your brand targeting? Who would be interested in your products or services?
So, for example if your brand is targeting millennials you could create memes around things that they are interested in like Bollywood, Gaming, Instagram, etc.
It is very important to find a fine balance between promotion & engagement.

2. Add originality to popular memes

Everyone on the internet is already sharing memes. So, to stand out you’ll have to put in some effort. Instead of just reposting the latest memes, get creative with them
Take cues from the following brands who rocked their meme game with the ongoing trends.

Brands on the “Rasode mein kaun tha” trend in India.

Zomato India


3. Keep up with the trends

Timeliness is a crucial factor when you are marketing with memes. Watch out for Twitter trends and Facebook trends to find out what people are talking about.

If you can manage to create a meme based on the most popular trends at the right time your meme is more likely to go viral. Voila!
That’s all about meme marketing, hope this helps your business!

If this is a little overwhelming for you to manage and you want someone to take care of your content strategy for social media growth look no further, Future X Media is here to your rescue. Contact us now!! We will be obliged to help you meet your goals.
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